Jaden Yocom is currently working on numerous publications in an array of areas. Follow the sidebar sections below the "Publications" section to see his academic, journalistic, and creative literary accomplishments.

Currently, Jaden has ongoing works in the following sub genres of these primary three types of literature:


  • Moral philosophy
  • Bioethics; moral analyses of healthcare policies
  • Phenomenology of drug addiction
  • Systems of belief formation
  • Cognitive biases: implicit and explicit
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of physics
  • Ethics of climate change
  • Epistemology of climate change
  • Conversations with HAL: Exploring the Intersection of Ethics and Technology - An anthology composed of essays about ethical dimensions to new innovations and current technology. Gathered, edited, and contributed to by Jaden Yocom.
  • The Earth Spins Together: Global Views on Foreign and International Policy - An anthology composed of essays by a diverse and international group of contributors addressing topics on foreign and international policy through a multicultural lens. Gathered, edited, and contributed to by Jaden Yocom.
  • A Hamiltonian Theory of Belief Formation - A new theory of belief formation that seeks to resolve the issues encountered by Cartesian and Spinozan systems. The theory is named after Jaden Yocom's grandfather and middle namesake.


  • Institutional oppression
  • Privatization of the prison industry
  • Mental health care facilities and patient outcomes
  • Climate change and pragmatic proposals towards addressing it
  • Collateral damage of the war on drugs
  • Gender based discrimination in American colleges and universities
  • Hate practices in Trump's America
  • Environmental Immigration - The Stories of the Refugees from the War on Nature - An article which addresses one of the most prominent consequences of climate change: the impact it has on human communities and their survival and mobility.
  • No Real Saints: How Nonprofits are Taking Advantage of Americans - An article addressing a number of unethical practices that are frequent among large nonprofit corporations.


  • The Shadow Samurai - A novel for teens and young adults based on the story of an epic journey as a young boy in Japan learns of his powers and destiny. The work heavily incorporates Japanese mythology.
  • Poems for Getting Out of Bed - A book of poems with the sole and distinct goal of providing motivation for those suffering from depression and anxiety in a number of ways. The work contains a plethora of poetic styles and techniques.
  • Master of None: A Self-Help Book from a Philosopher Who Can't Seem to Help Himself - A humor based self-help book that covers every imaginable topic pertaining to life and the experience of it, from love to employment to existentialism to cooking and eating.
  • 101 Nature Haikus - A book of original haikus by Jaden Yocom with original artwork by a number of contributors.